Ocicat Owners Guide

Ocicat owners guide

It originated by mistake. A woman was trying to invent a new kind of Siamese kittens, an Aby-pointed Siamese. She tried that by breeding seal-point Siamese to an Abyssinian, that’s with the black spots on every hair. The first kittens were phenotypically Abyssinian. But she tried and tried again and she finally got spotted kitten. That was the one she was looking for but this was something neat. It was a wild looking cat that people would enjoy.

So, she also introduced the other breed, the American Shorthair. By introducing that, she got the silver color, striping, and a place with spots. So it’s still a fairly new breed. That was 1964 and their very robust, meaning that they’re strong cat because they got the best out of the three breeds: the American Shorthair, the Abyssinian, and the Siamese.

They got the best out of everything. They’re very dog-like where they like to fetch, they’ll come when they’ll called. They hate to be alone so I suggest people have other pets: birds, dogs, cats. If there are ways a lot I sort of tell people don’t buy one because they really hate to be alone. They travel like a dog in a car. I put a little box behind the seat and they’ll travel up back in the back window or up on my knee. They’re very good travellers.

Ocicat owners guide

Photo by Nickolas Titkov

This is an indoor cat. They’re such great hunters that you would just lose them if you let them outside and they may got hurt, hit by traffic or something going after a bird. They are so active and athletic, and very talkative. Each one has a different voice. I can tell their voice from a different room. I know which cat is talking to me. If I call them, they will answer and come running. I love their personalities.

They love small children. I don’t have any small children at home but when people come to see the kittens, small children don’t bother them at all. In fact, they are amazed. They think they’re someone closer to their size. They’re very active cats so when the child plays, runs, that’s what they love. They loved to run hundred miles an hour and then stop, come and sleep on your knee and they’ll go racing around again.

They’ve been known to living 18 years. Very little brushing and grooming is required. A fine steel comb to get any loose hairs and a soft shimmy that you would use on the car, that’s all that they need. I just love the breed and I’ve got a house full of them. My husband’s slightly allergic. He sneezes a little, his eyes run, but he can’t part with them either.

Somali Cats: Their Personalities and What You Should Know About Them

Somali Cat

The Somali is a small breed Abyssinian. It comes from a cross between an Abby and a long haired cat maybe a Persian or an Angora. Some other are saying that it’s a natural mutation but nobody can tell the truth so it’s mystery for us. It’s a very active cat. It likes hobby. They like to run around the house. They are very curious, very affectionate, and they love to see everything you’re doing something they want to help so you’ll open the door and they want to see what’s behind the door. If you have a bag, they want to see what’s inside the bag so they’re always around you inside the house.

Some are calling them like dog-cats. You’re throwing a ball, they are bringing the ball to you. They are for very active people. They’re like a complete cat. It’s a good family cat. It’s good for children. They love everybody in the house. They will love other cats, they will love your dog, your children. They are sleeping with you under the blankets. I have one cat at home who is taking a shower everyday with me so he’s playing in the shower.

They are very good cats for family. They are very talkative. If you’re talking to them, they will answer you. It’s not annoying. They have a very little voice, very small voice but they like to talk and chat with you. They know how to let you know what they want. If you are an active people, you will like Somali. The better owner for a Somali is a very active people who will like to play, would like to see a cat run and climb everywhere in the house. They would jump everywhere in the house tapping it in shoulder and they’re going to jump in your arms. You have to be very active.

Persian Cats and Advice to New Owners

Persian Cat Advice

Their breed originated in Persia, actually it was called Persia then many, many years ago. The Persians we see today really have nothing to do with the original cats we found in Persia many, many years back. Persians are very laid back. They’re very sweet cats, very gentle, very quiet cats.

We tend to call them lap cats basically because they’re very, very laid back. They’re somewhat vocal but very quiet again and they will respond to you pretty much as people. If you talk with them they will answer back but they’re not as vocal as short hair breeds. They travel extremely well.

If I’m talking about your experience with them many ways, we travel many, many weekends in a row. Sometimes 8-10 hours in a car. We also fly with them around and we never hear them to the point sometimes you wonder, “Did I bring them?” They’re very, very quiet.

They’re excellent family cats. They will play with young children very gently. They’re really an ideal companion for family and children. I have some of my cats that have gone to homes where there were dogs and they’re not used to being with dogs and they’ve adapted so well that it’s like they’ve always been around other animals.

I keep mentioning that they are quiet but they are also very playful. When they do decide to play, watch out. They can be very active. As like the other cats, they do shed not more than any shorthair breeds. The only difference is that the hair being longer, it shows a little more but they don’t shed more than other breeds. They have to be groomed daily.

They have to be combed and their eyes have to be cleaned. But it’s a very nice bonding experience for you and the cat to do that together. If you start them very young, as most breeders will start them, once the new families get their cats they’re really easy to handle and very easy to groom.

The ideal owner is basically someone who likes peace and quiet because these cats are. A family is a very good owner as well although they do require a little bit of grooming so you need to set aside about five to ten minutes a day to groom them. They are ideal pets for anyone.