Somali Cats: Their Personalities and What You Should Know About Them

Somali Cat

The Somali is a small breed Abyssinian. It comes from a cross between an Abby and a long haired cat maybe a Persian or an Angora. Some other are saying that it’s a natural mutation but nobody can tell the truth so it’s mystery for us. It’s a very active cat. It likes hobby. They like to run around the house. They are very curious, very affectionate, and they love to see everything you’re doing something they want to help so you’ll open the door and they want to see what’s behind the door. If you have a bag, they want to see what’s inside the bag so they’re always around you inside the house.

Some are calling them like dog-cats. You’re throwing a ball, they are bringing the ball to you. They are for very active people. They’re like a complete cat. It’s a good family cat. It’s good for children. They love everybody in the house. They will love other cats, they will love your dog, your children. They are sleeping with you under the blankets. I have one cat at home who is taking a shower everyday with me so he’s playing in the shower.

They are very good cats for family. They are very talkative. If you’re talking to them, they will answer you. It’s not annoying. They have a very little voice, very small voice but they like to talk and chat with you. They know how to let you know what they want. If you are an active people, you will like Somali. The better owner for a Somali is a very active people who will like to play, would like to see a cat run and climb everywhere in the house. They would jump everywhere in the house tapping it in shoulder and they’re going to jump in your arms. You have to be very active.